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Medical Testing


Drug & Alcohol Testing


If you are in need of accurate, reliable, and confidential drug testing or alcohol testing, you're at the right place.

Haztec is the preferred drug and alcohol testing partner for many families, businesses, schools, court systems and corporations. Each time you work with Haztec, know that we use the standards set by the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry. This helps ensure that our drug testing or alcohol testing results are reliable and legally-admissible when needed.

We are a provider of drug and alcohol testing services, and we offer on-site testing and mobile testing in addition to lab-based drug testing or alcohol testing collections.



Workplace Drug Testing or Alcohol Testing


Haztec can be your workplace's drug and alcohol testing partner. We can handle all of your drug testing from pre-employment, to random management, to post-accident, reasonable suspicion and follow up drug or alcohol testing.


With Haztec  as your drug testing and alcohol testing vendor, you can create a safer workplace.



Respirator Fit Testing
Qualitative and Quantitative Fit Testing


This test provides respirator and N95 dust mask evaluation and fitting for employees required to wear a respirator in their work environment. Our respirator fit testing protocols comply with OSHA regulations.

To save time, you may also want to have your employees complete an OSHA Respirator Fit Questionnaire in advance of their fit testing appointment. This form gathers personal history and health information that our medical professionals will need to verify that an employee is medically fit to wear a respirator.



Pulmonary Function Testing & Medical Screening


This test is conducted to evaluate the employee's lung condition and capacity and may be used to evaluate whether a person is medically fit to wear a respirator. It provides a baseline and annual evaluation of lung function required by OSHA for work positions that have environmental exposures.